About Us

“With years of dreaming of starting my own business, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and followed my dream. I pushed myself to take that risk and created Band Built Body in September of 2020. I began selling “Band Built” Resistance Bands (hence the name “Band Built”) and eventually expanded out to leggings and other fitness clothing, creating the “Built Body” collection.

In 2022, our team decided to retire the Band Built collection and further rebrand — moving on to “Built Body Brand”

“My vision was to create the highest quality gym products, as well as the most flattering pieces of clothing, to make women feel empowered and the most confident in themselves as possible. That’s why I ensure each item in this store is designed to accentuate your curves, and compliment your body, while also keeping you comfortable and allowing you to stay active throughout the day.”

-CEO, Valentina Addalli